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Fun Fat Loss

A lot of people associate weight loss with tedious diets and long sessions of boring exercise.  This has traditionally been the method of losing weight that many people have followed.  But there is nothing in the rule book that says you can’t have fun while losing weight in the process.

In fact, if you are unable to find a fat loss plan that you can stick to it is unlikely that you will maintain your weight loss anyways.  So try to incorporate different methods to keep your fat loss routine fun.  It will ultimately lead to a better chance of success and a more enjoyable process in the end.

If you make healthy substitutions in your daily menu then there are plenty of ways to enjoy eating while losing weight.  You can also incorporate snacks into your daily diet which makes eating a whole lot more fun.  There are lots of healthy snacks out there that will add to your calorie count such as fruits and vegetables.  And rather than simply eating these things wrong you can come up with various combinations to increase the taste factor.

Whether you are dealing with how to lose belly fact or simply want to drop a few pounds, you will invariably run into the problem of finding good exercises.  Most people can keep motivated with exercising for the first few weeks but it gets a lot harder as the program moves along.

Don’t forget that you are not limited to routine exercises such as jogging or cycling.  There are plenty of fun sports that you can play with your friends that will incorporate a whole body workout.  Look to activities like tennis, soccer, and football that give you a chance to work out while enjoying time with your friends.

If your goal is fast weight loss then pair up with a good buddy and joined a gym or a fitness studio.  Sometimes trying to lose weight with someone else can keep things interesting enough to stick with it.

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The Blood Type Diet for Weight Loss

Your blood types gives you a lot of weight loss tips.  The proper diet for your blood group will help you lose weight, always be in shape and reduce the risk of disease.  At least, so says Peter D’Adamo, creator of the blood type diet in his book “Eat Right 4 Your Type”.  No wonder so many Hollywood stars, including Liz Hurley and Courtney Cox adopted this diet immediately.  When combined with a lady fitness program is does wonders.

In addition, D’Adamo believes that, as blood groups have evolved in different periods of history, our diet should be based on the types of foods eaten by our ancestors at the time of occurrence of the blood group in question. Thus, each food group is divided into three categories: beneficial (foods that act as a drug), permitted (foods that do not damage the blood group) and forbidden (foods that act as toxins).

Blood group O (the hunter)

Group O is the oldest blood group in terms of evolution. Early humans were hunters, their main source of energy as animal protein. Representatives of group A digest meat easily because they have an increased gastric acidity.

Blood group A (the grower)

Group A is more recent, evolving along with the beginnings of agricultural activities. Therefore, the recommended diet for group A is vegetarian. As acidity is lower in group A representatives, animal protein digestion is slow and difficult.

Blood group B (the nomad)

Group B has the fewest restrictions on food. The recommended diet is balanced and complete, including a variety of foods. Factors that contribute to weight gain: corn, buckwheat, lentils, peanuts and sesame seeds.

Blood group AB (the enigmatic)

Group AB is the most recent, representing a modern fusion between groups A and B. Thus, the diet of the group AB contains a wider range of foods, dairy products, cereals and green vegetables.