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Can’t Find a Comforter to Match Your Bedroom?

Most of us have become so accustomed to buying everything in sets that occasionally we find ourselves needing something that was not included in the ensemble.  Whether it is a console table to fill an empty space along a wall in the entry or family room, or a comforter to go with those burgundy and pink sheets, we have all faced having to select either a piece of furniture or a comforter or any number of other things that are not a part of a set.  Because we have become so spoiled by everything being put together for us many of us find that we are uncomfortable making a selection.

Of course, in the case of the console table we all know that it will probably not be so close to the other furniture as to make a big difference.  In fact, many of us choose to go “eclectic” when picking out a piece of furniture.

With the bedding comforter, it may not be so easy.  After all, the comforter will be directly on top of the sheets, pillow cases, and next to the bed skirt.  Trying to match colors can create a disaster.  Often shades of red or blue that we think may match will clash when placed next to the other bed linens.

The console table can be from the same style but in a different wood grain or from an era that approximates the proportions of the existing furniture.  That selection is easy.

On the other hand, selecting a comforter for the bedroom may take a little more thought.  As a hint, when selecting a blanket or top cover to go with an existing ensemble, one of the best selections would be a black and white comforter.

The colors are neutral and will complement any decor.  Selecting the pattern can be relatively easy as well.  For the more casual bedroom decor, a black and white stripe or a polka dot would be ideal in many instances.  For the more formal bedroom, selecting a toile print or a washable wool blanket with a  damask fabric would definitely fit the decor.

Keeping in mind that a black and white comforter acts as a neutral color scheme, one may want to consider a black or white console table to fill the empty wall space.

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