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The Saeco Espresso Machine Is Unique

For a true Italian espresso, the Saeco espresso machine will create the perfect combination of coffee and steamed milk to satisfy even the pickiest connoisseur. The Saeco Company, based in Italy, was the first to design an espresso machine that would brew two cups of espresso concurrently. Whether you are looking for a model for your home kitchen or your coffee shop, Saeco has a model for you.

Saeco makes manual espresso machines that allow the amateur barista to balance the milk and coffee combination to their personal taste. Coffee flavors are sometimes overwhelmed by too much milk and not everyone wants their coffee to be hidden. Being able to vary the balance makes the manual machine perfect for the person with the time and skill to blend their own.

Automatic home espresso machines are also available and have some adjustment options for strength of the espresso and temperature of the milk and coffee. Once the minor adjustments are made, and the coffee and milk are put in place, the machine produces consistent espresso every time.

When you are seeking a professional espresso machine, Saeco makes automatic espresso machines that are workhorses for the highest volume use two cups at a time. Your customers or employees will enjoy a consistently high-quality espresso every day, and you will gain a reputation for a great product or offering.

For a quick wake-up jolt of caffeine, an espresso machine makes a great addition to offices and workplaces where people wait for some reason long enough to drink a cup of coffee. Distract your clients from waiting with a perfect cup of espresso.

At Home and Garden Co. we have evaluated many espresso makers, and we like the quality and endurance of the Saeco espresso machines. The design of every machine is easy to clean and will last for years with the proper care. We tried every possible combination of coffee and milk and have found great results in Saeco.

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