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China and Bitcoin

In 2015 China’s markets started to slow down – even crash some would say.  Capital is fleeing to safety in other countries.

Below are some thoughts from CoinTelegraph.com.

Sounds like a perfect spot for bitcoin to come to the rescue, no?

Bitcoin’s unique ability to move money globally in seconds seems like a natural fit for any financial market in need. With Bitcoin’s overall market value at a mere US$3.3 billion, a fraction of that investment into U.S. real estate would easily double bitcoin values.

A smart Chinese investor would look into the history of Bitcoin in 2013 when it was initially introduced to the Chinese market. Values jumped almost tenfold within one-quarter, in conjunction with Mt. Gox’s market accounting issues. With over US$22 trillion on deposit, the Chinese market making even a small shift towards bitcoin could make 2013 look like a mere token of their esteem.

Where To Start Learning About Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

One of the things about the financial world is that things are always changing.  In the past couple of years Bitcoin and other “alt coins” or “digital money” has gained a foothold in the way people are exchanging goods and services.

In this ever changing world there are scams of course, but the industry is figuring things out.

Alt Coins and Twitter

One of the best places to see all the action is on Twitter.  Start by following Cryptolix, and any most any other popular username that starts with “crypto” (do a search on twitter – you’ll find hundreds).


Wikipedia has an excellent article about Bitcoin.  That’s a great place to start too.