Stall Cleaning Basics

Everyone knows that stalls can get pretty nasty fairly quickly. Getting a stall properly cleaned is a learning process. It is also easier said than done. One of the best horse gifts for this job is a stall rake. That nice long handle and plastic basket on the end make getting into the corners very easy. The basket lets the shake or pellets drop through while it retains the manure and wet shavings or soaked pellet bedding.

The only thing it doesn’t do it pick up the dust or very small particles of crushed shavings or pellets. That’s where a broom and dustpan come in handy. It’s usually easier to clean a stall when the horse is not in it. However, it’s not always possible to do so and you have to deal with the curious horse who probably just wants attention. Either way, with the horse or without, it’s important to get the stall as clean as possible. Hoof specialists recommend to clean stalls daily, for more information just do a search, like farrier wa, and find useful information.

Start by scooping up the piles and depositing them into a wheelbarrow, most people just park the wheelbarrow in the stall opening to prevent escapes and for easy access. Once you get the piles out of the way then you start scooping the wet bedding into a pile, scraping clean bedding over any real wet spots to help soak them up. After the pile is made you then take the wet bedding out and again, put it in the wheelbarrow. It usually doesn’t take long to get the stall clean of any mess left by the horse.

At this time most people will scrape or sweep the left over clean bedding into the middle of the stall. This helps to check for any missed spots or hidden pieces of manure. If there is not enough bedding left to keep the horse comfortable, now is the time to go get more slightly wet pellets or a wheelbarrow full of shavings to add to the pile in the middle of the stall. However deep you bed the stall, the idea is to keep it clean.

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