How To Pick Out Jewelry For a Gift

With the holiday season right around the corner what gifts to give our friends and family members becomes the question on everyone’s mind. For a lot of us gift shopping becomes a tedious chore that dampens our holiday spirit, but charms jewelry shopping never gets old.

Sure, there are always more generic choices out there. There are toasters or waffle makers, usually unwanted gifts that we received. There are candles, as if everyone needs one extra one at every holiday season. There are clothes, thanks grandma, I will wear that sweater every chance I get (when nobody is looking).

How about something a little more exciting?  A jewelry piece, that is picked out for both beauty and meaning, can be a memorable, unique, and often inexpensive gift.

Like any kind of fashion related gift, picking out the right one might seem like a challenge, since we all have our own tastes and styles. What’s so great about giving jewelry as a gift, instead of more personal items such as clothing and lingerie, is that most people will wear different types of jewelry for different occasions.

Also, while they might be conservative in fashion, most are at least willing to experiment a little with their accessories. Women will often match their jewelry to outfit what they are wearing, so they like to have lots of selection in their big jewelry boxes.

The key to selecting a piece of jewelry your friend or family member will love, is giving one that has meaning for them. Even while you might not be able to pick out a piece that completely fits their style, picking one that has meaning is fairly easy even if you don’t know them very well.

Charms are some of the best ways to add meaning to your jewelry piece, as they can represent different aspects of peoples’ lives that they most enjoy. For example, if your coworker just had a new baby, a cute baby shoe charm would melt her heart. If your friend loves his dog, he will think it is a hoot to have a face of his companion as a charm, even if he is not normally into jewelry at all.

If you are in doubt, just ask them what they like. Most people are happy to talk about their favorite things, even when you didn’t ask! Charms are also very versatile as you can use them in different jewelry settings, such as charms for bracelets, charms for necklaces, and even charms for key chains.

As far as jewelry design goes for your piece, if you feel like you might not get it right, you could skip this part. You could give them a simple silver charm and let them incorporate it into their existing jewelry. If you want to personalize it more though, you could handcraft it yourself by picking out a nice chain and putting your charm, or multiple charms, that you picked out for that person’s unique interests.

Personalized gifts are more special as it has an added meaning of being a gift, especially created by you. The best advice for picking out a jewelry piece for a present is to keep is stylistically simple, especially if you are not very close with the person the gift is intended for. Most people own some simple jewelry for casual days, even if they have more eclectic tastes in general.

Let me recap a few basic principles for picking out the best jewelry gift. Keep it meaningful to a person you are giving the gift to, keep it simple in style, and personalize it in some way. Armed with these tips, you could absolutely not fail to give a gift anyone will love. So maybe enjoy that gift shopping trip a little more this time!

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Can’t Find a Comforter to Match Your Bedroom?

Most of us have become so accustomed to buying everything in sets that occasionally we find ourselves needing something that was not included in the ensemble.  Whether it is a console table to fill an empty space along a wall in the entry or family room, or a comforter to go with those burgundy and pink sheets, we have all faced having to select either a piece of furniture or a comforter or any number of other things that are not a part of a set.  Because we have become so spoiled by everything being put together for us many of us find that we are uncomfortable making a selection.

Of course, in the case of the console table we all know that it will probably not be so close to the other furniture as to make a big difference.  In fact, many of us choose to go “eclectic” when picking out a piece of furniture.

With the bedding comforter, it may not be so easy.  After all, the comforter will be directly on top of the sheets, pillow cases, and next to the bed skirt.  Trying to match colors can create a disaster.  Often shades of red or blue that we think may match will clash when placed next to the other bed linens.

The console table can be from the same style but in a different wood grain or from an era that approximates the proportions of the existing furniture.  That selection is easy.

On the other hand, selecting a comforter for the bedroom may take a little more thought.  As a hint, when selecting a blanket or top cover to go with an existing ensemble, one of the best selections would be a black and white comforter.

The colors are neutral and will complement any decor.  Selecting the pattern can be relatively easy as well.  For the more casual bedroom decor, a black and white stripe or a polka dot would be ideal in many instances.  For the more formal bedroom, selecting a toile print or a washable wool blanket with a  damask fabric would definitely fit the decor.

Keeping in mind that a black and white comforter acts as a neutral color scheme, one may want to consider a black or white console table to fill the empty wall space.

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Advantages of White Bedroom Furniture

The kind of furniture we get for our bedroom is extremely important. Since one third of our lives is spent sleeping, the surroundings we have in our bedroom will be a big influence on the kind of rest we get.  White bedroom furniture is one of the many options you will have for your bedroom. Let’s see what the advantages of this kind of furniture are.

They are neat

The color white basically gives a clean look. Whether it is with clothing or furniture, white will make your room look neat. This will be advantageous especially if your room has that cluttered look because of all the designs in your furnishings.

They are easy to decorate

Since adding a new piece to your bedroom may be challenging considering the décor you already have, getting white furniture is the easy way out. This will save you a lot of effort on finding a piece that is sure to blend in with the rest of the room. With white furniture, you can simply put some decorative item on top and have the perfect center piece.

They are bright

Not only are the pieces bright but they having the ability to make your room look brighter. This will be the easy remedy for gloomy rooms that don’t seem to get enough light. If you place them somewhere they can catch the light and reflect on the rest of the room.

They are easy to repaint

Unlike furniture with other colors, white pieces are easy to repaint. This would mean you will be able to change the color of your piece whenever you wish.

There is no other piece of furniture that posses these four assets. White bedroom furniture is both the affordable and convenient choice to make. So if you are looking for an addition to your bedroom this is a good option to go with when deciding what kind of new bedroom set you should go with after buying a new mattress.

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Take Another Look at Tiffany Style Lamps

Most people recognize Tiffany style lamps as soon as they see them. This unique form of lighting is very popular with collectors but genuine pieces from the late 19th and early 20th centuries are very hard to come by and quite expensive even when they are located. This is why many people choose replicas or reproductions instead.

These unmistakable pieces are created with the same attention to detail that was so carefully put into the originals they mimic. Individual pieces feature subtle variations that reflect the artistry that goes into them. Colorful art glass is cut and hand rolled before being edged with copper foil. Several different colors are then soldered together to form magnificent patterns that are completely unique.

Tiffany glass is usually fashioned into flowers and other designs from nature that best show off the features of the iridescent glass. Signature designs that can be found are the Spiderweb, Peony, Wisteria, Peacock, Dragon Flay and Daffodil.  Butterflies, peacock feathers and fruit are other popular subjects as are abstracts and geometric shapes.  The shade edges will typically be irregular and different colors of glass will be used in unique ways.

This type of lighting is appropriate in a modern setting but it is more often seen with Victorian, Arts and Crafts, Craftsman, Mission and Prairie themes. A Tiffany lamp is ideal for a pub or bar. When suspended over a pool table, the diffused light creates a comfortable and classic setting. The spectacular burst of color seen when the light is turned on can also be observed during the day when sunlight bounces off the shade.

Collecting these art deco lamps is a treasured pastime for many people because there are so many colors and styles to choose from. Even replica lamps can be a good investment because they have the potential to increase in value over time.

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Protect Your CCTV System With Security Camera Housings

While we all know that security cameras are built to last for a long time — you would probably be replacing your security camera system due to new technology rather than the wearing off of the existing system – there are circumstances when your costly cameras are vulnerable.

One obvious scenario is the placement of security cameras in outdoor environment. In countries like the United States, where the weather and climate may transform from one extreme to the other extreme, it might not be a good idea to expose your cameras without any protection attached to it.

The ideal case is that you have bought outdoor security cameras that came with a housing installed to it already, but chances are you would have purchased a set of surveillance camera and they are all meant for indoor monitoring, in which they are less vulnerable if operated indoors. In this case, you would have to purchase security camera housings for all your outdoor security cameras.

While outdoor security camera housings focus on protecting the camera from extreme climate condition, it is important to note that such protection should not compromise the image quality.

For example, a good CCTV camera housing would cover the camera with weatherproof materials, which includes a piece of transparent glass in front of the camera to allow shooting to go through. However, if your camera is night-vision enabled, when operating in infrared mode, infrared rays may get reflected back to the camera by the glass, causing the images captured to be unrecognizable.

Apart from this, it is also advisable to you that you include certain security features to your camera housing. A secured lock is a good idea to prevent the security camera from being stolen (it is ironic that a device meant to prevent valuable assets from being stolen is itself at risk of becoming a target of theft, but that is how life works).

A secured, weatherproof, and durable security camera system would then go a long way of securing your business, on a minimal cost for maintenance.

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