How To Make A Top Quality CZ Eternity Ring Design Look More Like A Real Diamond

I’m not going to say that cubic zirconia are as good as diamonds, that’s simply not true, but it is a fact that the newest top quality CZ bridal ring designs are the number one rival to the diamond industries hold on engagement and wedding rings. How do they compare?

Cubic zirconia are not as hard as diamonds and that is why they can scratch and even get dull over time. They are also affected by chemicals and household cleaning agents and therefore do not hold up as well to everyday use. CZs also tend to be completely transparent and flawless which makes them have what is known as fire or brilliance that surpasses a diamond. That is why in the sunlight a CZ will often radiate a spectrum of color that only the top flawless diamonds offer. That creates a very strange phenomenon for women who want large stone CZ eternity rings and solitaires with gems over 1 carat in weight. Why? Because the flawless fire and brilliance of a large gem in an engagement ring may be the reason it is so attractive and yet may be the cause of it appearing to be a fake, since family and friends may know the financial situation of a newly engaged couple and may not believe that they could afford a 1 carat flawless diamond. So how can you have a beautiful and affordable top quality CZ bridal ring and yet avoid the embarrassment of wearing an obvious fake?

The most important thing you can do when you are trying to buy a CZ ring that doesn’t look like a fake is to select a high quality sterling silver or 14k gold setting so the band will be the same quality as the diamond equivalent. Many people see the sparkle of an imitation gem and immediately think that its the real thing but if they spot that it is attached to an inferior band, the warning signals are going to go off. 14k gold rings are not cheap and will add considerably to the cost of your jewelry, but its definitely a price worth paying.

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