Landscape and Lighting techniques for your Home and Garden

Most people make a good effort and do an excellent job with the landscape and lighting around their home, but what about those who want to do

landscape and lighting
Taking some quiet time to think about what you want to do with your landscape and lighting is one of the best things you can do to help motivate you to get started.

something different or those who find that they just barely have time to get the grass cut before it gets over six inches tall, much less keep the bushes and other trees around their home trimmed and looking nice?

This article will give those in the latter category some ideas on how to go about adding to the value of their home as well as keeping it looking nice by using some easy landscaping ideas, outdoor garden planning, and other outside lighting techniques.

The first thing one should do is get a comfortable outdoor chair and sit in corner of the property for at least five or ten minutes and let the mind wander.  Stay relaxed as what you want to keep in mind is that everything does not need to be done in one day, one weekend, or even over the course of one summer season.

Many if not most of the beautifully landscaped homes that you see took literally years to develop.  One small project or addition to your yard or outdoor garden area adds up over time and if you don’t try to take it on all at once it will be a whole lot less overwhelming.

A lot of folks have found a simple outdoor lighting project to start with is with some cheap solar lights.  The kind that you can pick up at most any home and garden store in a pack of four or six for under twenty or thirty dollars and ones that you simply have to stick in the ground and not worry about any sort of outdoor wiring, switches, etc.  This small starting project will not only provide a different ambiance to the outside areas of your home it will also help to motivate you to move on to the next idea you have for your landscape and lighting.

The nice thing about cheap solar lights is that they are easy to move if you don’t like the first location or even the second.  Perhaps you have an idea for a small garden design.  The nice thing about an outdoor garden is that you can have one no matter how small your yard is.

small garden design
You don't need a mansion to have a nicely designed small garden on your property.

Many people start with just a 2′ x 3′ plot of sod in a strategic and easy to get to spot in their yard and turn it over with a shovel to get to the dirt underneath and start from their.  Over time these small garden plots can and will with some effort turn into something larger and more spectacular.

Strategically placed lights (remember the cheap ones you bought for your first project?) can really enhance the look of a small garden or flower plot at night.  Taking your garden lights and lighting ideas to the next level is really not all that difficult if you start small and work into larger ones from there.

Soon you will be adding driveway lighting, fancier deck lights and lighting, and maybe be thinking of putting in a swimming pool.  Don’t forget to invite your friends over for an outdoor bar-b-que to show off your new yard and garden areas.  You may be surprised at how many of them will offer additional landscape and lighting design tips for you to further enhance your property.

For a plethora of additional tips and ideas visit Landscape and Lighting,  a site dedicated to helping people improve the outdoor areas around their home.

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