Installing Walk in Shower Stalls At Home

In the old days most homes had only a bathtub. Soon however home owners started adding shower heads but these were seldom used. Times have changed however an it seems like everyone is in a hurry. Now many homes are built with at least one self contained shower stall and some homes have several of them for the convenience of both the family and guests.

The shower has become the place to go in many homes for relaxation and showers today are much more than a place to take a quick rinse after work or doing chores or before bed.

If you are planning on installing walk in shower stalls in your home there is a bit of planning to do if you want to get the best job for the money. In the first place you will have to consider how much money you are willing to spend. You can get these stalls made of everything from high impact plastic to tile and stone and even glass.

The plastic stalls are by far the least expensive but will wear out much quicker and are much harder to clean. The most expensive are the glass block showers but these will last for many years and are very easy to keep clean. Most people however stick to the middle ranges with tile or stone.

There are several ways to get your stalls. You can have a professional come in and install the entire thing or you can buy the plastic models from your local home improvement store for the largest savings.

Installing your own handicapped shower stall can be a tricky proposition however, especially the shower base, and at least getting advice from a professional is highly advised. The last thing you need is a leaky shower; either a badly installed base or the grouting was rushed, and end up with a big pool of stagnant water beneath your home.

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