Handling Sugar Flowers

For some people making sugar flowers and edible flower arrangements are fun hobbies that allow them to express their artistry and creativity. However, there are times, that you simply do not have enough time to create your own sugar flower decorations. Fortunately, there are shops and even factories that produce sugar flowers. Some businesses even offer customized sugar flower designs and arrangements to suit the needs of their customers.

There are some important things that you should remember when receiving and handling delicate sugar flowers ordered from shops. The first reminder starts with unpacking these flowers. In most cases, shops create stems for sugar flowers. These stems are inserted into special foam to make a sugar flower stand. If you do not know how to remove the flower from the foam properly, you can accidentally cause damage to it. You should not pull the flower from the stem in full force. Instead, hold the stem firmly and remove the foam by gently unwinding it. If the flower comes with a foil enclosed around it, just leave it until you place the flower to the cake. This protects the flowers from dirt and other damages.

You may also encounter ordered sugar flowers with broken portions. This frequently happens during their transport. You should not panic and think that broken flowers are already useless. You can still remedy the situation. If a sugar flower has a small crack, chip or spot, the best thing to do is to hide it by adjusting the flower arrangement. If this does not work, you can still fix the broken area.

To do this, you need to prepare royal icing. There are several available brands of royal icing mixes in cake shops or supermarkets. Mix the icing to a color that can blend well with the affected flower. You may then carefully place a portion of the icing mixture on both sides of the crack or broken parts. Put both sides together using moderate force. Give the icing, enough time to dry off completely. It may take approximately an hour or two. Once the broken part is mended, you can now put these sugar flowers on the cake.

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