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Space Wolves – the Grey Armored Warriors

Space Wolves are fierce Imperial Space Marines, formed when their Primarch, Leman Russ, was given command of the VI Space Marine Legion by the the Emperor of Mankind.

Even though their Allegiance lies with the Imperium of Man, they do not adhere to the Codex Astartes. For this reason, their organizational structure is quite different from that of other Space Marines. Space Wolves are known for not just their ferocity but also their typical anti-authoritarian behavior.

Wolf Priests recruit new warriors from the feral tribes of Fenris. The Priests choose the finest youths only after they have proven themselves in battle.

After rigorous physical training, youths (Claws), are given the spirit of the Wolf, a genetic cocktail known as Canis Helix. This, however, is just the beginning of their final tests. After an inspection by the psychic Rune Priests, receive their gene-seed of Leman Russ alongside other anatomical gifts. They must survive the transformation into a full-fledged Space Wolf. They must also be able to find their way home, alone, armed with just a spear and a dagger.

Only then are they accepted into a company.

Throughout their history, Space Wolves have had many notable warriors – such as Urlik the Slayer and Bjorn the Fell-Handed. They are also expecting the return of Leman Russ, whose comeback has been predicted by Bjorn.

An interesting feature of the Wolves is the fact that they exhibit more canine characteristics (larger teeth, hair growth) as they grow older. Many of them also transform into humanoid creates called “Wulfen” in the passion of the battle. This also makes them less corruptible by the Forces of Chaos.

It is important to note that the 13th Company uses entire packs of Wulfen in battle, unlike the other Space Wolves Companies that use individual Wulfen.

A Space Wolves army is a deadly force to be reckoned with. They are very versatile and effective in battle, reputedly unmatched in close combat situations.

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What You Should Avoid When Determining How To Get Free PS3 Games

The idea that you can get your favorite games for free will surely excite you. As such, you will really find out how to get free PS3 games. In doing so, there are some things you must not avoid doing. If not, everything will surely be messed up. Read on for you to know more of these;

  1. Even if you are already excited to find a free game, this does not give you an excuse not to be cautious. There are so many ways for you to get a free PS3, and usually these are done online. Several sites will definitely offer you the steps on how you can get a free PS3 game. Yet, if you just came across with one, do not follow it right away. You need to validate the site first. They might just ask you to do something, but in the end you get nothing in return. Try to look for some other sites first before you settle with one.
  2. Another very dangerous (and foolish) move that you can do is to give a certain amount in exchange of your free games. Trying to analyze this, the promo is about a free PS3. Therefore, if you pay a certain amount just to get it, it forfeits the idea already. Thus, if there are sites asking even a single dollar from you, drop the thought of making transactions with them.
  3. Sometimes, there are stores which will give you a free PS3 game too. However, they will ask you first to buy this and buy that. In short, you have already spent a lot on items that you don’t need before you can get the game. In fact, you can just buy the said game and spend less.

Never forget these tips even if you are excited with the idea of free PS3 games. To be certain, just go for PS3 bundles. With this, along with your new PS3 comes a new game as well. There are about 2 or more that comes in the package.

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The Importance of Video Game Storage

I have always considered video games a bit of an investment – they have always been pricey, from the original Atari up until now, and as the years go on and collector’s begin paying more and more money for older models, that investment is starting to pay off. That’s why, now more than ever, video game storage is becoming more important than ever. This article will give some advice on how to keep your video games secure.

For starters, you’re going to want to keep your games away from dust. This is the biggest problem you will have to contend with. Dust implies open air, and open air will ruin electronics within just a few years. Because of that, you need to make sure, if you’re storing games over the long term, that you have them as airtight as possible. This will keep them in the best shape possible over time.

If you just want to keep them somewhere safe in between playing them – maybe you want a shelf in your game room to set them all up on, or a drawer in a desk, or even a storage bin to keep them in – then air is not as big a concern. Instead, you mostly want to focus on keeping them out of direct sunlight. The sun is strong, as you may have noticed if you’ve ever been sunburned, and leaving a game sitting in the light will wear it down much faster than if it wasn’t. So either keep your games in their proper case, or get something fancy like cube storage shelves to keep them in – anything but the direct light.

Overall, it’s not difficult to keep games in mint condition as time goes on – but you need to be a little proactive about keeping them safe. A little preventative care, like an airtight, dark storage container, will do wonders in your race against time.

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