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Take Another Look at Tiffany Style Lamps

Most people recognize Tiffany style lamps as soon as they see them. This unique form of lighting is very popular with collectors but genuine pieces from the late 19th and early 20th centuries are very hard to come by and quite expensive even when they are located. This is why many people choose replicas or reproductions instead.

These unmistakable pieces are created with the same attention to detail that was so carefully put into the originals they mimic. Individual pieces feature subtle variations that reflect the artistry that goes into them. Colorful art glass is cut and hand rolled before being edged with copper foil. Several different colors are then soldered together to form magnificent patterns that are completely unique.

Tiffany glass is usually fashioned into flowers and other designs from nature that best show off the features of the iridescent glass. Signature designs that can be found are the Spiderweb, Peony, Wisteria, Peacock, Dragon Flay and Daffodil.  Butterflies, peacock feathers and fruit are other popular subjects as are abstracts and geometric shapes.  The shade edges will typically be irregular and different colors of glass will be used in unique ways.

This type of lighting is appropriate in a modern setting but it is more often seen with Victorian, Arts and Crafts, Craftsman, Mission and Prairie themes. A Tiffany lamp is ideal for a pub or bar. When suspended over a pool table, the diffused light creates a comfortable and classic setting. The spectacular burst of color seen when the light is turned on can also be observed during the day when sunlight bounces off the shade.

Collecting these art deco lamps is a treasured pastime for many people because there are so many colors and styles to choose from. Even replica lamps can be a good investment because they have the potential to increase in value over time.

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Keep Black Molds Off Your Clothes

However, some circumstances can ruin clothes if not taken care properly like the growth of black molds. Black molds can impair your clothes but it is not too late to remove it once you spot it.  Black mold removal on clothing can be tricky, if you do not do it correctly there is a chance of not removing all of the mold.

Black molds are fungi that grow in areas that are wet, dark and poorly ventilated. In your clothes, they can grow on wet towels that had been thrown under some piles of clothes or when food spills on them. Your laundry that has not been completely dried before being folded is also prone to black molds.

However, as early as you noticed these molds, you must also do immediate action to get rid of them. First you need to mix a cup of vinegar with three cups of water then immerse the clothing in the mix. Use a scrub pad to scrape off layers of the molds. Next put the clothing in the washing machine and add a splash of vinegar during rinsing.

The vinegar works as a deodorizer because it removes the odor of the molds at the same time; it also serves as a disinfectant. You need not worry about the smell of the vinegar that might stick with your clothing because it dissipates as it dries.

There is a need to hang your clothes under the sun to dry out and kill many varieties of molds. Be sure to remove molds before rinsing. If the stain remains, you can repeat washing it into the machine. If the case is hopeless, you can still use your clothing as play clothes or you can sew a patch on the areas wherein you cannot remove the molds.

Take care of your clothes before another mold infestation will take over.  If you follow these black mold cleaning tips, you ensure you remove the mold quickly and safely.

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Landscape and Lighting techniques for your Home and Garden

Most people make a good effort and do an excellent job with the landscape and lighting around their home, but what about those who want to do

landscape and lighting
Taking some quiet time to think about what you want to do with your landscape and lighting is one of the best things you can do to help motivate you to get started.

something different or those who find that they just barely have time to get the grass cut before it gets over six inches tall, much less keep the bushes and other trees around their home trimmed and looking nice?

This article will give those in the latter category some ideas on how to go about adding to the value of their home as well as keeping it looking nice by using some easy landscaping ideas, outdoor garden planning, and other outside lighting techniques.

The first thing one should do is get a comfortable outdoor chair and sit in corner of the property for at least five or ten minutes and let the mind wander.  Stay relaxed as what you want to keep in mind is that everything does not need to be done in one day, one weekend, or even over the course of one summer season.

Many if not most of the beautifully landscaped homes that you see took literally years to develop.  One small project or addition to your yard or outdoor garden area adds up over time and if you don’t try to take it on all at once it will be a whole lot less overwhelming.

A lot of folks have found a simple outdoor lighting project to start with is with some cheap solar lights.  The kind that you can pick up at most any home and garden store in a pack of four or six for under twenty or thirty dollars and ones that you simply have to stick in the ground and not worry about any sort of outdoor wiring, switches, etc.  This small starting project will not only provide a different ambiance to the outside areas of your home it will also help to motivate you to move on to the next idea you have for your landscape and lighting.

The nice thing about cheap solar lights is that they are easy to move if you don’t like the first location or even the second.  Perhaps you have an idea for a small garden design.  The nice thing about an outdoor garden is that you can have one no matter how small your yard is.

small garden design
You don't need a mansion to have a nicely designed small garden on your property.

Many people start with just a 2′ x 3′ plot of sod in a strategic and easy to get to spot in their yard and turn it over with a shovel to get to the dirt underneath and start from their.  Over time these small garden plots can and will with some effort turn into something larger and more spectacular.

Strategically placed lights (remember the cheap ones you bought for your first project?) can really enhance the look of a small garden or flower plot at night.  Taking your garden lights and lighting ideas to the next level is really not all that difficult if you start small and work into larger ones from there.

Soon you will be adding driveway lighting, fancier deck lights and lighting, and maybe be thinking of putting in a swimming pool.  Don’t forget to invite your friends over for an outdoor bar-b-que to show off your new yard and garden areas.  You may be surprised at how many of them will offer additional landscape and lighting design tips for you to further enhance your property.

For a plethora of additional tips and ideas visit Landscape and Lighting,  a site dedicated to helping people improve the outdoor areas around their home.

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How to Choose the Best Curtains

Like everything else in life, curtains have their pros and cons.  If your living room is an elegant, stunning piece of art, chances are you will want only the best set of elegant curtains to highlight its beauty.  Or, you may even swathe it in modern and contemporary classy blinds.  It’s your choice.

Certainly, there are many advantages to choosing blinds over curtains.  First, blinds are much cheaper compared with good quality curtains.  Second, there is also very little chance of them fading so soon under sunlight as curtains usually do. And last, they are easier and cheaper to clean.

A lot of homeowners, however, still prefer curtains over blinds and will actually suffer the disadvantages just to hang breezy, light colored curtains in their homes.  Curtains come in many varieties of style, size, shape, and most importantly, brand name.  Prices vary but it will not be hard to find a curtain that not only complements a room’s style or decor but one that falls within a certain budget.

When choosing curtains, don’t limit yourself to just the aesthetics but also consider practical matters.  For instance, you may perhaps consider buying machine-washed types of curtains which are cheaper and much easier to maintain.  Those that combine cotton and polyester are good quality curtains that are also easy to maintain and will insure that they last for a long time.

If you’re the type who likes to sleep late with the windows totally blacked out, blackout curtains might be your style.  Blackout curtains are often costly but not really pricey since they work like a nice set of blinds would – darkening the bedroom, especially in the mornings when the sun is shining bright from outside your home.

Surprisingly, some homeowners install both curtains and blinds in their homes. This is actually quite a good combination, especially if the blinds go with an attractive set of opaque curtains.  If you’re not sure how to mix and match both materials, Google the pictures online or look for good combinations in a catalog.

For additional articles on home decorating visit the Bedroom category over at Mad Progress

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Bathroom Themes for an Apartment

Bathroom themes for apartments allow you to solve a lot of the problems that come from living in a rental. Oftentimes your guests will have to use the same bathroom that you do.

It’s important to find a style that everyone can enjoy that still speaks to your personality with bold bathroom vanity cabinets.

You’ll need to add in a lot of storage solutions. This includes baskets and bins with spaces for decorative towels. You might even need to have a freestanding cabinet. This is going to be an opportunity to hide away all of your toiletries so that when your guests come into the room it still has a neat and clean appearance.

You also want to really take the cues from your apartment when you choose your theme. For instance if you have a lot of a retro tile in the space then go with kind of a Hollywood glam look.

Get an opulent faux silk shower curtain. Then add in a lot of crystal accessories. This is perfect because you can’t always change out some of the items that you don’t like about a rental so instead, you can just pick a theme that is really going to compliment this.

The other problem with apartment bathrooms is that you’re going to have a lot of restrictions on what you can do, particularly if it is set up with a handicap shower and toilet. You might not be able to really paint the walls.

You have to choose a theme that can rely heavily on fabric. If you are going with an ocean theme you might just want to bring in a lot of seashell accessories and possibly a bold color curtain.

This is going to be a little bit more sophisticated than the basic blue ocean bathroom which can seem a little bit juvenile. In this case just focusing on the lights is going to allow you to get the theme that you love that reminds you of the beach. At the same time you won’t have to worry about painting the walls, but you may want to use something like wall art for your project.

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