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Where To Start Learning About Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

One of the things about the financial world is that things are always changing.  In the past couple of years Bitcoin and other “alt coins” or “digital money” has gained a foothold in the way people are exchanging goods and services.

In this ever changing world there are scams of course, but the industry is figuring things out.

Alt Coins and Twitter

One of the best places to see all the action is on Twitter.  Start by following Cryptolix, and any most any other popular username that starts with “crypto” (do a search on twitter – you’ll find hundreds).


Wikipedia has an excellent article about Bitcoin.  That’s a great place to start too.


How To Do SMS Promotions For Small Businesses

Advertising Via Text Messaging – A Small Business Marketing Strategy

By Kurt Simula

Many small business owners are starting to hear about text message marketing, or SMS promotions, but either don’t know exactly how they work, or do not think that their own particular business could benefit from them. This article takes a look at what kind of businesses can benefit from text message marketing as well as what it takes to run a successful campaign.

Whether you are a small business owner with one location, or a business owner with multiple locations and you are in the food service business of any kind such as a restaurant owner, a bar or tavern owner, or even just own one small pizza shop, you are someone who can really take advantage of the new technology that marketing to people on their mobile phones has to offer.

In the recent past this kind of advertising has been out of reach for the small business owner. The costs were high and the technology was difficult to master and use successfully to drive more customers in the door. As late as 2009 pretty much the only ones using mass promotion via text messages were large corporations with deep pockets.

As the technology advanced the costs came down. The ability for businesses of any size to use text messaging to reach their customers has now become easy, and inexpensive.

Here is how it works. We will use a restaurant as an example.

The restaurant owner recently signed up with a text message marketing service company. He either talked to a local representative who walked in off the street and showed him how this all works, or he/she is a person who is always on the lookout for ways to promote the business and heard about it on the internet. Either way the business is set up with their own “keyword” and a five digit “text to” number.

Most restaurants have on every table a little card or “table tent” that shows the specials of the day, right? Maybe the specials are listed on a thin piece of card stock that is wedged between the top metal pieces of the salt and pepper shakers for example. Only in this case the restaurant has a card that says something along the lines of “TEXT (name of restaurant) to 83936 and start receiving Text Coupons from us”.

In the course of serving the meal the waiter or waitress points out the card and tells the customers to check it out. They also tell the customer that if they do in fact text the name of the restaurant to that five digit number they will instantly receive a text back with a “special”, or “coupon” that they can then redeem on their next visit just by showing the text message that they received to the cashier.

Often times this text message “coupon” is for a free drink, a two-for-one special, or whatever the business owner set it up to be. The reason this works so well is that most everyone always carries their mobile phone with them at all times. With the coupon for your business already on their phone they don’t have to worry about trying to keep track of a paper coupon. They only need to show the text the business owner sent them to the waitress or cashier on their next visit.

There are two things that just happened when that customer of yours texted your “keyword” or “name of your restaurant” to that five digit number.

  1. They instantly received a coupon to use on their next visit. If they are a regular customer they will not only thank you for the discount or freebie on their next visit, they will more than likely tell a friend about it too.
  2. More importantly (for you as the business owner) this person is now on your “list”. You can now send them a text message with your specials on a weekly basis (or whenever you want actually).

Business owners who are taking advantage of this kind of advertising and adding text message marketing to their long term growth strategies are finding that the ROI of dollars spent promoting their business in this way far exceeds any other form of advertising dollars spent.

For many more details and information on how SMS promotions and text message marketing can help your business thrive, visit Mad Progress Marketing. Mad Progress Marketing is a site dedicated to providing the best ideas and sources to use to get set up with ease with these incredible new business advertising and marketing techniques.

Kurt Simula is a professional internet and local business marketer and SMS campaign manager. He has spent many years in both the corporate sales arena and has bought, operated, and sold a number of businesses through the years.

He currently works out of his home in Northern Michigan running a number of websites, and serves small businesses across the entire U.S as well as his local community with text message marketing and internet promotional services.

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The Locksmith Business

Recent reports and studies in the USA shows that the business prospects of the blacksmiths are on a rise and that the profession actually brings in a lot of profits. And this is not at all wrong as the locksmith Carson city are earning handsome profits out of this profession.

Any interested candidate can in fact look to get admitted in a training institute where he can get trained as a locksmith. There are relevant data available about the profession of a locksmith on the cyberspace, so, all those who are interested can gather sufficient data and info about the profession before making the final call.

Having said that the job is not easy, there is often tough competition in the market of locksmiths. In contemporary times there are indeed many people who are involved in this profession and hence the competition is also on the higher side.

For people who are looking to start out in this field it must be said that the required amount of research must be done prior to the entry into the business only to make sure about the many hurdles in the market. It goes without saying that proper planning is needed about how to go about the business process.  One of the many things one needs to consider is the cost of the necessary liability insurance.

Research can be done either through cyber space by collecting necessary data, facts and information about the locksmith in Carson city. If not through internet you can also look to gather info by indulging in on field research and this would involve the hectic process of visiting the market in person and trying to figure out the main competitors in the business.

For additional business ideas including how to market your business online visit Jack Folsgood’s excellent blog.

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The different stages of newsletter creation

Any formidable task can be usually broken down into smaller components. As a result, if you find newsletter creation such a formidable task, you can simply break it up into its smaller components and the task will become surprisingly manageable. Creating newsletter involves first of all choosing a topic for the newsletter. There are thousands of topics to choose from. However, one needs to pay attention to what they choose and not choose arbitrarily.

Afterwards, we approach the task of finding a good newsletter title. Your title should be ideally descriptive, brief and unique. To find such a title, you may need to do some brainstorming, ask friends or make a list of newsletter titles. These things might help you come up with the desired title. By paying careful attention to your title choice, you ensure that it will convert as many visitors into subscribers as possible.

Three formats are used in newsletter publishing for internet marketing. Newsletters are usually published in one of them. These formats are text, HTML and PDF. Choosing a format over the other may seem to be such a difficult thing to do. They all have advantages and disadvantages. Now, your decision should be based on what the format can do for you.

If your newsletter will have any features, look for the format that provides those features. When it comes to the newsletter design, you can either create yourself or have it created for you. A third alternative involves the use of free templates.

Content creation is the task on which you should spend most of your time in your marketing efforts. Create quality newsletter content on a regular basis. Do not mess up the regularity of your newsletter. The only way to ensure this is to create content in advance. Sending the newsletter requires the use of an autoresponder.

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Hiring A Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyer

Filing for bankruptcy is a long and complicated ordeal, and though one might be tempted to go through the process alone, it is still better to have a lawyer with you who can represent you. However, one files for bankruptcy as a last resort when one is in a financial crisis such as not having had the proper liability insurance and paying for a lawyer maybe out of one’s league. Fortunately, there are a lot of cheap bankruptcy lawyers out there who will do all the work for you for a cheaper price.

You can search for a cheap bankruptcy lawyer the old-fashion way: ask friends and relatives if they know one. Although people won’t admit openly that they have declared bankruptcy, if you ask around discreetly, a name or two would surely pop up. You’re even in better luck if you have a close friend or relative who is a bankruptcy lawyer. With a little explanation and plea for help, you might get the same service that everyone gets for half the price.

If you don’t know anyone in the immediate vicinity who knows of a good, affordable bankruptcy lawyer, you can try searching around the internet. Try going to sites which has a list of known lawyers who specialize in cases pertaining to financial difficulties. You can try searching for lawyers in your area. From the directory, jot down the names, numbers and addresses of lawyers near you, and then go give them a call so you could compare rates.

You may also go to forums online frequented by people who discuss financial matters like bankruptcy and the like. You may even find a forum for people who have previously filed a bankruptcy claim. They might recommend someone cheap that you can hire.

Remember not to choose a lawyer just because he offers the cheapest rate. You do want to know how to go bankrupt in a responsible way don’t you? Finding a cheap lawyer means paying little but still getting your money’s worth. Choose one that will actively oversee the whole process and represent you in court if needed. Lawyers usually have free consultations – use this to your advantage in gauging which one is the “cheapest” of all.

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