China and Bitcoin

In 2015 China’s markets started to slow down – even crash some would say.  Capital is fleeing to safety in other countries.

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Sounds like a perfect spot for bitcoin to come to the rescue, no?

Bitcoin’s unique ability to move money globally in seconds seems like a natural fit for any financial market in need. With Bitcoin’s overall market value at a mere US$3.3 billion, a fraction of that investment into U.S. real estate would easily double bitcoin values.

A smart Chinese investor would look into the history of Bitcoin in 2013 when it was initially introduced to the Chinese market. Values jumped almost tenfold within one-quarter, in conjunction with Mt. Gox’s market accounting issues. With over US$22 trillion on deposit, the Chinese market making even a small shift towards bitcoin could make 2013 look like a mere token of their esteem.

Where To Start Learning About Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

One of the things about the financial world is that things are always changing.  In the past couple of years Bitcoin and other “alt coins” or “digital money” has gained a foothold in the way people are exchanging goods and services.

In this ever changing world there are scams of course, but the industry is figuring things out.

Alt Coins and Twitter

One of the best places to see all the action is on Twitter.  Start by following Cryptolix, and any most any other popular username that starts with “crypto” (do a search on twitter – you’ll find hundreds).


Wikipedia has an excellent article about Bitcoin.  That’s a great place to start too.


How To Do SMS Promotions For Small Businesses

Advertising Via Text Messaging – A Small Business Marketing Strategy

By Kurt Simula

Many small business owners are starting to hear about text message marketing, or SMS promotions, but either don’t know exactly how they work, or do not think that their own particular business could benefit from them. This article takes a look at what kind of businesses can benefit from text message marketing as well as what it takes to run a successful campaign.

Whether you are a small business owner with one location, or a business owner with multiple locations and you are in the food service business of any kind such as a restaurant owner, a bar or tavern owner, or even just own one small pizza shop, you are someone who can really take advantage of the new technology that marketing to people on their mobile phones has to offer.

In the recent past this kind of advertising has been out of reach for the small business owner. The costs were high and the technology was difficult to master and use successfully to drive more customers in the door. As late as 2009 pretty much the only ones using mass promotion via text messages were large corporations with deep pockets.

As the technology advanced the costs came down. The ability for businesses of any size to use text messaging to reach their customers has now become easy, and inexpensive.

Here is how it works. We will use a restaurant as an example.

The restaurant owner recently signed up with a text message marketing service company. He either talked to a local representative who walked in off the street and showed him how this all works, or he/she is a person who is always on the lookout for ways to promote the business and heard about it on the internet. Either way the business is set up with their own “keyword” and a five digit “text to” number.

Most restaurants have on every table a little card or “table tent” that shows the specials of the day, right? Maybe the specials are listed on a thin piece of card stock that is wedged between the top metal pieces of the salt and pepper shakers for example. Only in this case the restaurant has a card that says something along the lines of “TEXT (name of restaurant) to 83936 and start receiving Text Coupons from us”.

In the course of serving the meal the waiter or waitress points out the card and tells the customers to check it out. They also tell the customer that if they do in fact text the name of the restaurant to that five digit number they will instantly receive a text back with a “special”, or “coupon” that they can then redeem on their next visit just by showing the text message that they received to the cashier.

Often times this text message “coupon” is for a free drink, a two-for-one special, or whatever the business owner set it up to be. The reason this works so well is that most everyone always carries their mobile phone with them at all times. With the coupon for your business already on their phone they don’t have to worry about trying to keep track of a paper coupon. They only need to show the text the business owner sent them to the waitress or cashier on their next visit.

There are two things that just happened when that customer of yours texted your “keyword” or “name of your restaurant” to that five digit number.

  1. They instantly received a coupon to use on their next visit. If they are a regular customer they will not only thank you for the discount or freebie on their next visit, they will more than likely tell a friend about it too.
  2. More importantly (for you as the business owner) this person is now on your “list”. You can now send them a text message with your specials on a weekly basis (or whenever you want actually).

Business owners who are taking advantage of this kind of advertising and adding text message marketing to their long term growth strategies are finding that the ROI of dollars spent promoting their business in this way far exceeds any other form of advertising dollars spent.

For many more details and information on how SMS promotions and text message marketing can help your business thrive, visit Mad Progress Marketing. Mad Progress Marketing is a site dedicated to providing the best ideas and sources to use to get set up with ease with these incredible new business advertising and marketing techniques.

Kurt Simula is a professional internet and local business marketer and SMS campaign manager. He has spent many years in both the corporate sales arena and has bought, operated, and sold a number of businesses through the years.

He currently works out of his home in Northern Michigan running a number of websites, and serves small businesses across the entire U.S as well as his local community with text message marketing and internet promotional services.

Article Source:—A-Small-Business-Marketing-Strategy&id=6165870

Installing Walk in Shower Stalls At Home

In the old days most homes had only a bathtub. Soon however home owners started adding shower heads but these were seldom used. Times have changed however an it seems like everyone is in a hurry. Now many homes are built with at least one self contained shower stall and some homes have several of them for the convenience of both the family and guests.

The shower has become the place to go in many homes for relaxation and showers today are much more than a place to take a quick rinse after work or doing chores or before bed.

If you are planning on installing walk in shower stalls in your home there is a bit of planning to do if you want to get the best job for the money. In the first place you will have to consider how much money you are willing to spend. You can get these stalls made of everything from high impact plastic to tile and stone and even glass.

The plastic stalls are by far the least expensive but will wear out much quicker and are much harder to clean. The most expensive are the glass block showers but these will last for many years and are very easy to keep clean. Most people however stick to the middle ranges with tile or stone.

There are several ways to get your stalls. You can have a professional come in and install the entire thing or you can buy the plastic models from your local home improvement store for the largest savings.

Installing your own handicapped shower stall can be a tricky proposition however, especially the shower base, and at least getting advice from a professional is highly advised. The last thing you need is a leaky shower; either a badly installed base or the grouting was rushed, and end up with a big pool of stagnant water beneath your home.

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Cleaning Your Juicer Machine

If you own a juicer machine, how often do you clean it properly?  Cleaning is not something most people really enjoy, and as a result we sometimes do a quick job that may be good enough to satisfy basic hygiene, but might not be good enough to prevent eventual build up of grime.

Many people make juice daily, but cleaning the machine is not as interesting as the juicing is. Cleaning sometimes takes a lot of time, depending upon the number of parts in the juicing machine.

Some people just give their appliance a quick rinse, and plan to wash it properly later. However, when you leave your juicer unattended, you are potentially encouraging growth of bacteria. Maintaining and cleaning your juicer is of utmost importance otherwise it will become a dirty electrical gadget which will be kept in your kitchen cupboard forever.

If you fail to clean your juicer regularly, it will become more difficult to get it properly cleaned later, and you will be less likely to be enthusiastic to use it often.

Sometimes, you may wish that cleaning was as simple as juicing. If the juicer which you own has many small complicated parts then dismantling it and cleaning becomes a painful process. This is something to watch out for if you are thinking about buying a new machine, as cleaning is just so important.

Look for a juicer that is easy to take apart, and easy to put back together. Note that a stainless steel juicer may cost more, but stainless steel is very easy to wash. It is also dishwasher safe.

Any juicer will perform better and have a longer service life if you clean it properly. If you really must postpone your cleaning after making one of your favorite juicer recipes, leave the parts to soak in water with a bit of detergent. This will prevent pulp sticking and drying out.  After washing ensure that you leave all the parts out to dry before they are assembled again. This way your juicer machine will always be clean and ready for your next juicing session.

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